Great ads are the last thing we do

Differentiating between an idea and its execution can be tough. Explaining the difference can he harder still. I find it interesting to listen to students selling ideas for ads. Universally they will say - "this is my idea" then proceed to explain what is on the page, where things will go and how they will look.

At the heart of an idea is some kind of insight. It is the moment of truth for a brand. In some cases the product has a clear point of difference. In most it doesn't. The insight come from some understanding of how the user feels about the product or how they relate to it. What it all means.

For kids in their early twenties it is hard to empathise with the entire spectrum of human feelings. Some are more empathetic than others. Empathy is the single characteristic that marks out a great advertising creative. Some might argue that craft skills such as design and art direction or copywriting are the most valuable assets. Those things can be taught and emulated, but without empathy and insight into how other human beings think and feel you will only have slick, cynical renderings.

I don't remember which agency said this (Chiat Day, The Campaign Palace?...) but...:

Great ads are the last thing we do


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