Strong silent type

Yesterday I attended a small seminar at Massey University School of Design for students working on a master's degree this year. It was conducted by Mark Geard, a lecturer from Massey University in Wellington. His thesis was an enquiry into organic forms in typography. He discussed the background to the work and then showed us the font he developed as 'artifact' to explore his hypothesis. I immediately felt a great liking for it - which supported his argument that some design moves us. I know, it's a typeface, but what rings my bell might reasonably be expected to be different to you.

I could see an immediate application for it. I am about to redevelop my site WellSpring, which I have been operating since 2002 (a resource for people interested in wellness and personal growth), which has become a little shabby looking over time. It needs to be tidied up, refocused and given some new energy and direction - possibly a digitally distributed magazine version. So - work to be done.

I asked Mark what foundry was distributing Artemis. He told me it was Jack Yan & Associates - my friend Jack the polymath and I immediately placed an order.
It is installed and ready to go. I need to take a week out to redevelop the WellSpring site. Because it is not a core interest I expect I will sell it at some point this year.

The weather has turned into winter. I am glad I don't smoke cigarettes. The poor blighters who do have to stand outside to indulge their nasty little habit, but I can't help but feel a little compassion for them on a day like today.


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