Your chance to go to TED

A much coveted ticket to the TED conference 2008 which will give the holder access to the main theatre is for sale on eBay. The current bid is for $10,000 (US), the proceeds go to an architecture charity (I know, weird).

Given that TED is sold out for years in advance this is an opportunity for someone with deep pockets.

Me; I'll keep watching the videos online.

It would be nice to meet Meg Ryan though (It's part of the package). Because she is cute as a button. Or was. I always wondered about her role in City of Angels. Brain surgeon. Bicycling. No skid lid. Dies in collision with truck. Now, I realise you'd probably come off significantly worse off mano a mano with an 18 wheeler even if you had a full suit of body armour. But every brain surgeon knows that 22.34% of all head injuries come from bicycling accidents*. Go figure. I wonder if she's still cute, after the accident and all.

Back to TED. One has to wonder how much cash is sloshing around the worlds of corporate business and academia. And how can you and I get our share? (A sentiment that reminds me of the remark about marketing by Seth Godin - I think - "Marketing is how you get your money out of the customer's purse).

But I ramble. Weak from lack of caffeine.

*and 98.765% of all statistics are made up.


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