Looney Invention from Toyota - the iStupid

Toyota have revealed a concept car called the i-Real. According to this video the concept is that you can control the vehicle with one hand while talking on the cell phone with the other. Or drink. Both critical transportation functions, don't you think? Oh, forgot to mention the 'social networking function' that is built in.

You know what I'm going to say next, don't you?


Let's face it, in the realm of really stupid ideas this one floats instantly to the top, bobbing amongst other monumentally stupid ideas like the Segway and the Sinclair C5 - which, coincidentally had three wheels too (though I don't think it quite managed 30kph).

Is there a market for such a contraption. Can't see why not? In the era of obesity and lumpen stupidity there will be a ready market. I suggest targeting diabetics of the future. They won't need their legs anyway (Remember the scene in 'The Graduate', what business should you go into in the future?…one word - 'amputation'. Hand me another donut - I'm on level 5.

What kind of daft git would be seen driving around in one of these, yapping into their cellphone, juggling a soda (or sake). You will look like Stephen Hawking when you don't have to. Reduce your carbon footprint and walk you fool.

I'm not drinking the Kool Aid.

early social networking experiment - the Sinclair C5. 'Hi,…yes, me too.

BTW - Until the Japanese end the whale slaughter don't buy Toyota products. Write to them and tell them to put pressure on their government to end the carnage.


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