Whale Songs

Writing Vanishing Act was an interesting experience. I wonder if I have become so conditioned by contemporary culture that I couldn't see it simply as a novel. In my mind I visualised it as a movie. I have been researching the accepted formats for writing a movie script and I have a trial version of some software called Final Draft that I will use to get my head around it.

I've also created a soundtrack for the book. Is that a first? The tracks are listed on the final page of the book. Some of the music is referred to in the text itself and others are simply related inn some way, mood maybe. Have you noticed that some movie soundtracks feature music that you don't remember hearing in the film? Often they play over the credits or are featured as a fragment or something overheard in the body of the film.

Well, thanks to the wonders of modern technology here it is: The Vanishing Act soundtrack. You can buy the tunes from the Apple iTunes store.

Of course the producers of the movie might have different ideas about the tracks - its a big part of marketing these days. It won't be a deal breaker for me.


  1. Publishing the soundtrack prior to the book is an interesting idea I think. I'm trying to picture how the music fits, where the story will take me etc.

    As for precedents, there's a soundtrack for Tim Winton's wonderful book Dirt Music. Both are highly recommended.


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