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Exhibit A: Bjork

Much as I like Bjork's music I was pretty shocked to see her violently attack a journalist on television tonight - the footage was historical, shot in Thailand.

Today she reportedly assaulted a New Zealand photographer in an attack that ripped the shirt from his back.

Um…wrong message for our kids. I was appalled that a policeman interviewed expressed an opinion that the security camera footage, which would corroborate the photographer's claims, would be irrelevant unless there was an official complaint.

The assault by Trevor Mallard in the corridors of power saw him hauled in front of the court by a Private citizen who laid a complaint. Maybe there's an opportunity here. Surely there is someone out there who is offended by celebrities being above the law. I don't know what the law is in Iceland but you're in New Zealand now we don't attack people willy nilly. And, if you do and live in South Auckland, you go to jail…we believe in law and order here. Well, for some…

If it bugs you - call the cops and lay a complaint - we'll call it a No Class Action

Exhibit B: Tom Cruise

Well, you already know about the Beckham's new best friend, the couch, the weird religious ideas about psychology (which is categorised in the wikipedia under 'bizarre/oddities')…just being irritating.

The news tonight reports you can't buy Andrew Morton's unauthorised biography of Tom Cruise in New Zealand (you remember him, Diana and all that).

Well, never trust an Authorised Biography I always say. The only thing more unreliable is an Autobiography.

So. On principle I recommend you get your copy from

A serious footnote:

I am deadly serious about the issue of Law & Order. We watch the wealthy and attractive behave any way they want. Their bacchanal is OK, it get's covered in gossip magazines as if it was news and a bit of a lark.

Meanwhile the 'justice' system picks the low hanging fruit. The poor, the badly parented and the uneducated. Somebody has to go to jail to make the middle classes feel 'safe'.

Reframe the issue as Justice - not law and order - think about that expression, the term 'order' gives the game away. It is paternalistic. Think Sheriff of Nottingham - keep the peasants under control by taxing them relentlessly - then passing the proceeds to the middle class.

Bottom line: If Bjork was Maori woman of a similar age and assaulted a person in an airport she would be on remand in Arohata Women's Prison now.
Isn't it interesting that there isn't a single New Zealand politician who has spoken out about this?

Let Bjork be the poster child for Justice in New Zealand. The government have spent millions of dollars of your money to tell you that disciplining your own kids is 'not ok' to suck up the the Greens.

I want to know why, on the same night that it was reported a Kiwi parent had been listed as an assaulter of his own child (for clipping his ear to emphasise how wrong it is to ride your tiny kiddy bike into traffic - read the story here) that a violent repeat offender gets to go free?

What's the message here?

Themes: Censorship & Privilege. Be afraid.


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