Recycled advertising

A commercial from a UK energy company made using recycled clips to illustrate their commitment tot being 'green'. Cute. But I am not so sure that the premise of a firm that has never advertised suddenly initiating a charm offensive - 'making a commitment to reducing carbon emissions 60%by 2020' isn't, in itself, increasing the firm's carbon footprint. Surely a campaign showing their customers how to reduce their electrical consumption would make more sense than a corporate message wasted on a significant percentage of the audience who either don't understand the message of are indifferent - not customers, cynical etc?

I hate to say it but there is another thing - the energy used to make the commercial from a quilt of old clips would, in all probability, be just as high or higher than shooting a simple ad, or making it with graphics from a laptop. The number of activities associated with the montage would have been monumental.

In the words of that great 20th Century philosopher, Kermit the Frog, 'It's not easy being green'

Clip via Another Planning Blog


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