Are I.Q. tests accurate?

I was curious to see what my I.Q. was in an online test by Tickle. I'd been bugged by their banners for years. Finally succumbed. I was surprised by the result. I won't tell you the score but I was intrigued by the analysis:

"Your Intellectual Type Is:

Word Warrior

You are equipped with a verbal arsenal that enables you to understand complex issues and communicate on a particularly high level. These talents make you a Word Warrior.

Whether or not you recognize it, your vocabulary is your strongest suit—use it whenever you can. Since your command of words is so great, you are also a terrific communicator — able to articulate big ideas to just about anyone. Your wordsmithing prowess will also help in artistic and creative pursuits. The power of words translates to fresh ideas off paper too. Since you have so many words at your disposal, you are in a unique position to describe things in an original way, as well as see the future in your mind's eye.

In short, your strengths allow you to be a visionary — able to extrapolate and come up with a multitude of fresh ideas. And you are in good company — bask in the brilliance of Word Warriors who have walked before you. William Shakespeare let loose the power of his pen. His ability to articulate the most subtle nuances of human nature and to create colorful characters are why his stories still have a major impact — even 400 years after he first wrote them. Whether you put pen to paper or use your understanding of the words around you to come up with creative approaches to problems, your potential as a Word Warrior is terrific.

Great Jobs For You
Because of the way you process information, these are just some of the many careers in which you could excel:

* Writer
* Translator
* Publisher
* Attorney
* Poet
* Politician
* Journalist
* Lecturer

Some of Your Greatest Talents
You've got tons of strengths. It wouldn't surprise us if you:

* Can clarify complex issues
* Can articulate commonly understood truths
* Can foster understanding
* Can creatively solve problems"

Interesting. People who now me might like to corroborate or refute.
I'm only sharing this with you because I was inspired by Jack Yan's revealing post Eight Things That You Did Not Know About Me.
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  1. I did that test a couple of years ago and got a very similar result including word warrior description. No surprise there.

    The actual result though was quite high and made me think that Tickle was flattering me and trying to sell something.

    There is much criticism of the methodologies used in such tests but they can be fun to do.

    Puzzles are always good for extending ones loquacious score.

    According to Wikipedia those music lessons in my youth worked very very well.

    Of more ongoing interest is the Flynn effect.

  2. I agree that the scores seem high. Another friend followed the link and her test resulted in a figure similar to mine, and I guess yours. There is a good chance I consort with clever people - reasonably homogeneous in education and social background, or its all bollocks. Might have to trick a thicky into doing same test. Hmmm…but who (laughs evil laugh and strokes imaginary Fu Manchu beard).
    SFX: Lighting and roll of sinister thunder.


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