Technology is our friend. Right? I sometimes get the feeling that, no matter how interesting the latest and greatest is it is impossible to play with everything - and get anything done.

I know twitter has its devotees but I can honestly say I have found it as interesting and useful as a garden ornament. I'm just not all that interested in the utterly banal ('Explain your blog' I hear you cry out as one.)

Facebook is nearly pointless. I've tried, but I just can't see its utility. Scratch that. Facebook is rubbish. A monumental waste of time on par with Tamagochi. Stop feeding it. It will curl up its toes.

Linked In. Jury out. My problem with it is that there are the mad linkers who want to accumulate people as if it was some kind of a game - always in search of the missing link. When it is relevant, I'm all for it but I'm not interested in random hook-ups.

Blogging? Best thing ever. Really.

What do you think?


  1. spanner8:14 am

    Avoid Facebook like the plague it is.
    Treat Linked In with extreme caution.
    Blog freely and with honesty.

  2. Horses for courses. Some will really take to Twitter - I have. Others will not see the point.

    Why I like Twitter:

    * De Facto support desk (I follow a lot of web developers)
    * Short, sharp way to stay apprised of a lot of people, better than reading blogs for me.
    * Distribution channel for my blogs and video podcasts

    LinkedIn has a good function called LinkedIn answers - similar to Yahoo! answers. Good for actually getting questions answered or also asking those kind of questions that are a wee bit self-promotional (eg what should I do with my site redesign?)

    Blogging - keep it up mate :) I'm starting to think of my blog(s) as a hub, and everything else (Facebook, online video sites, LinkedIn, Twitter etc) as distribution, promotion and marketing mechanisms.

    That sounds a bit mercenary and commercial, and of course there's also the emotional, personal side. I've made some good acquaintances through all these social networks, and some actual friends as well. What impresses the hell out of me is the general non-judgemental, genuinely friendly attitude I feel among most of the networks I'm part of.

  3. Hi David,

    Agree with your comments on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogging.

    Communication is much better when there is a point to it rather than just broadcasting fluff.

    Identity fraud is getting to be a issue as well.

    Happy New Year


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