Stairway to Kevin

Grudging favorite: Kevin Roberts' Blog. Sometimes I think it is important to disagree. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Agreeing isn't thinking. Baby, this is ThoughtSpurs, round here we think. So the next on my list of permanent links is Mr Kevin Roberts.

Did you know that Kevin keeps/kept an office in the terrific Saatchi office in Auckland? There is/was a stair from reception to his rooms. It was/is called Stairway to Kevin.

Brill. For that pun alone he wins the next permanent link: KRCONNECT. (Not a very Lovemarky name though…I have always found it hard to fall in love with a girl called Hilda or Ena•.

•Ok, Ok, the world loved Hilda Ogden and Ena Sharples from the ancient Coronation Street Programs.


  1. I'm a fan of Kev's blog too. Even gave it a plug in my Marketing mag column. Have to admit though, I'm getting a bit sick of all the rugby posts. Typical bloody Kiwi! ;-)


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