Love Hate

I'm a little annoyed. I was fooling around putting a blog together for Vanishing Act. On I didn't realise i was inadvertantly deleting the template for this blog. So all the customised elements like links to blogs I read and recommend were lost. When I have a minute I'll have to rebuild. It was probably time for a refresh anyway.

I am also going through a rebuild of my website. Ah, the web…


  1. Hi David,

    Might be time to use WordPress ? The full version is very good and now that I've been through many upgrades and it keeps getting better.

  2. You could be write Jason - I am a little technologically challenged and dread the learning curve.

  3. I did, of course mean - you could be right. Fruedian Slip…

    Reminds me:
    Defininition of Freudian Slip? You say one thing - but you mean your mother.


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