Suitable for reframing

I like to draw but this guy's stuff is something else. Process Recess is the blog of illustrator James Jean. It is astonishing to see how his work moves from sketch to finished piece. I am in awe of his Moleskin sketches. Not sure if I'm inspired to do more or simply discouraged and will put my pen away for good.

Reminds me of a story. One that might salve my anxiety. I was with a friend and her children at their bach. One of the kids, a high spirited, rough and tumble,pre-teen boy was watching me sketch. He told me that he was hopeless at art and didn't, logically, like it.

"It's easy. It doesn't matter what comes out the other end of the pencil."
I had him make a scribble. Naturally enough it was an energetic, thermonuclear kind of a scribble. A right, I'll show you wiseguy kind of a scribble.
30 seconds later it was an armadillo. The truth is that everything becomes an armadillo if you want it to be.
"See, drawing is just scribbling with style…"(Homage to Buzz Lightyear)
He spent the rest of weekend scribbling with style.

Sometimes reframing is all it takes.


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