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Art car parade brighton
…and make a horrible mess.

Wellington, New Zealand has wearable arts Brighton, UK has The Art Car Parade.

What is an art car?

“A drivable installation – any vehicle which has been re-imagined, re-styled, re-modelled, or completely metamorphosed by an artist into a transport of delight.”
Michael Trainor, Curator, Art Cars 2007

'Transport of delight'
. Cool. Weird. But cool.

Compare and contrast. The Snake Oil Sales Van. Very funny.

Nissan announced the PIVO 2 at the Tokyo Motor Show.

According to Autoblog:

The PIVO 2's driver gets some company in the form of the "Robotic Agent," a disembodied monkey head on the instrument panel that speaks English and Japanese and is able to help out with things like directions.
Compact Lithium Ion batteries power in-wheel motors, and the PIVO 2's wheels themselves rotate 90 degrees as well. Tight parking spot? Turn the passenger compartment sideways, turn the wheels, and slide right in or out. Then aim the cabin in the direction you want to go, straighten the wheels, and you're off, chatting with Robot Monkey Friend all the way. Welcome to Japan.

Seriously funny. Makes me feel the need to go for a ride on my smelly, noisy old BMW bike. I'll leave my Robot Monkey Friend at home though.


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