I have knits

Up at Waipu on the weekend. Saturday was market day. I came across these knitted things on a stall in the town hall - right next to a table of artisan honey. I have to say that I was impressed. The little old lady running the stall must spend half her life knitting these little figures. What I liked was the characterisation. Seriously. They reminded me of Tin Tin - or a mash up of Tin Tin, The Life of Brian and the Wombles. I took the shot but didn't notice the mad looking bagpiper in the background. It's crying out for speech balloons or a stop motion show (maybe for G3 mobile distribution). Might have to head back up next market day and see if I can commission the wee woman to knit some characters of my own cunning design...

Caught up with Simon Morgan for pint and a chat last night. Simon is managing partner for Publicis Digital Australia and New Zealand. Interesting to hear some of his thoughts on the use of social media by marketers. He described a successful promotion his team had developed for Nestle through MySpace. I met Simon when he owned Carpe Diem a small Direct Marketing company. e sold his business and in the past few years he has guided Publicis' growth in the digital arena. Always a pleasure to catch up with the grand lad from Sheffield - which you can do here too on his highly useful blog.

Simon also runs a terrific tool for holiday home owners who rent out their baches. Book-a-bach was just a glimmer in his eye when we first met but now it is going gang-busters with hundreds of listings all over the country. Brillian tool. I've used it many times. With summer coming get onto finding a getaway place before the rush. We were chatting about The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick) by Seth Godin. Simon told me there had been times when he had wanted to quit with Book-a-Bach. I know from my own experience with eMALE the men's interest site that I published for years that having a 'proper' job can take a great deal of commitment, making it hard to stay on top of personal projects. Simon plugged awayI am glad to say.


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