The Real Deal?

Erin Brokovich
For the past week there have been teaser ads on New Zealand TV featuring Erin Brokovich introducing herself to the audience - for those who haven't seen the eponymous movie starring Julia Roberts.

Watch at 6.20 Sunday she told us.

Well I've just seen the ad - for Noel Leeming.

First impression:

Who cares?


She must have needed the money.


What a boring ad.

Too clever, not interesting enough.

Brokovich's credibility has taken a major hit.

Dear oh dear. When will agencies learn that ads have to be relevant and interesting - this one is neither. It will be interesting to see how sales go. 'Course when they don't eventuate then there's always the opportunity to blame it of reduced consumer confidence or somesuch…

Oh, and fourth:

What are they covering up? (As Maggie Thatcher once said "If you have to tell folk you're a lady - you probably aren't." - of course that's before she became Lady Thatcher).

Footnote - just watched it again - aparently Noel Leeming are 'choosing' to do something or other for the environment. Who knows what that might mean - maybe they will be refusing to sell power hungry big screen plasma TVs?


  1. Seems like a wasted opportunity. I'm not sure anyone cares what Noel Leeming does. If we have to wait for another ad to find out I for one can't be bothered.

    If they are trying to reposition their brand they need to spill on what that is - all we know is EB is now associated and that doesn't seem to be any real reason for the connection.


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