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Michael Gondry has to be one of the most original people in film right now. This clip for the Rolling Stones is brilliant. Apparently it is entirely composed from stills - not that you'd know it. I am looking forward to seeing his next movie (starring Jack Black - who seems to be the goto guy for characters who work in shops - the trailer for Be Kind Rewind is here. Maybe I'm just a sucker for concept movies?)

He also shot the classic White Stripes Hardest Button to Button. The man's a genius.

And, according to the Guinness Book of records, he directed the most awarded single commercial of all time. And here it is:


  1. Jason Kemp11:27 am

    Don't forget Michel Gondry also directed at least 6 amazing Bjork clips (Bachelorette, Jorga, Army of Me,Hyperballad, Isobel, Human Behaviour) clips for Beck & Chemical Brothers
    the clever Come into my world clip(2002) for Kylie

    and most famously the All Around the World for Daft Punk and the brilliant "Everlong" (gothic short story) for Foo Fighters back in the beginning.

    and that he is also a drummer himself / was in a French band when he started directing many of the clips.

    The Hardest Button is one of my many favourites and from memory used 36 drum kits!

    There is a a DVD collection that is well worth going to the video library for.


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