LED the way

You know that incandescent bulbs are inefficient and waste energy. That's what we're told. So what is the alternative? Long-life bulbs,…right?

Maybe not. The eco bulbs that you can buy from your supermarket today have issues of their own - although in many ways they are superior to incandescents.

It's not especially safe to dispose of them into a landfill. They leach heavy metals like mercury into the ground when they break (be careful when you handle them at home - mercury poisoning isn't so nice. Personally I don't like the colour of the light these bulbs give off either.

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) might be the solution. Unlike conventional bulbs they don't emit heat as a by product of their use. All they give off is light - photons.

This video from business 2.0 is an eye opener. Look and learn. (By the way I was saddened to see what the magazine has become the other day. It used to be brilliant - a worthy complimentary title to Fast Company magazine).


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