The Power of Many

Another quick riff on social media. Interesting book: The Power of Many - How the living web is transforming politics, business, and everyday life. I like the concept of a living web 'the part that is being constantly updated'.

Worth a look. Strong emphasis on tools on the web.

Love this passage about the Grateful Dead fans (Deadheads) who were early users of the web when it was Arpanet and Usenet:

"Now that the Dead has reconstituted itself [following the death of Jerry Garcia], more or less, the diffuse community, with its physical and virtual manifestations, has proven resilient enough to enable newcomers to tap in and once again make plans to meet up at the show. Who's bringing the hacky sack and who's bringing the juggling sticks? Remember, at a Dead concert, you aren't part of the audience. You're part of the show."

Can't think of a better metaphor for Web 2.0

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