Readers are leaders

Here's what I am reading now (in addition to the rest).

Brain Tattoos
Creating Unique Brands That Stick In your Customers' Minds by Karen Post.

Oddly enough I picked up this book on the recommendation of Heath Row (who was my contact at Fast Company magazine when I coordinated the Auckland Cell of Company of Friends).

Beaton Portraits- from the National Portrait Gallery (London).
Picked this up because I want to practice drawing and I like these images.

The Ten Faces of Innovation..

Key words: Design. Innovation. Ideo. Tom Kelley.

Nuff said.


  1. The "Brain Tattoos" book seems very interesting. From the reviews it seems like a necessary addition to any marketer's library.

    If you haven't before, I would recommend "BrandSense" by Martin Lindstrom. At some points in the piece it stretches the concepts a little far, but the idea and foundation behind them is great!

    The "Ten Facts of Innovation" is interesting, and after reading some of the more critical reviews, I would have to peruse this one at the bookstore before purchasing it.


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