All Black and blues

Doug Howlett is a very useful rugby player.

He made a blue after a night on the turps. Introduce me to a person who drinks who has never done or said something they wouldn't have had alcohol been in the mix and I am pretty sure they will lie about other things as well.

I don't think Howlett's actions were correct or admirable. But give the guy a break. He has stepped up and taken responsibility. He has apologised and is taking steps to repair the damage.

In my opinion that is a rare ocurrance. Have you ever heard Naomi Campbell facing the media and making an apology.

Just thank your lucky stars you're not in the media glare when you've had one glass more than you should. As for the All Black's management's comments I don't really like how they have hung him out to dry.

Howlett's hairstyle is unforgivable though.


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