Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sony - Like Everybody Else

Yes - the cinematography is nice. Yes - the direction and editing are impeccable. But - no, the Sony 'Like No Other' concept doesn't travel across the Sony product range. I think the thinner it is stretched, the flimsier it becomes; a transparently obvious film.

You see the problem is that Sony no longer have hegemony over technical brilliance. It is table stakes in their category. Samsung do a pretty good job in many of the categories that Sony once 'owned'. Apple eat them for lunch in the portable entertainment segment. Neither of those brands even existed when Sony earned their place with products like the Walkman.

The 'Like No Other' proposition simply doesn't and can't hold water in a world where technical leadership is a technicality and may last about 15 seconds.

In spite of the lovely execution, I'm afraid Sony's Like No Other proposition simply emphasises that the truth is the line should be Sony - just like everybody else.

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