Rolling Stones Monumental

The Martin Scorcese concert film Shine a Light is quite something. I went along last night to Auckland's IMAX theatre. It was fascinating to watch the audience file into the theatre. It reminded me more of a crowd at an actual concert. There was a palpable sense of muted excitement. The age range moved the bell curve heavily into baby-boomer territory.

Our seats were three from the front. I had little choice - the week-long screening sold out. It was there or nowhere. The experience was weird. It is a fantastic show. With the exception, maybe, of Keith Richards solo tune, which kind of brought the energy down and felt a little self indulgent. Still, we indulge Keef, don't we?

The movie is a great reminder of the power of the boomer audience. The Rolling Stones are a vivid example of not only expectation of this generation to keep going and their audience's willingness to consume products that remind them of their youth. In my case The Stones were already old and firmly established by the time I had an interest in rock music.

Off again tonight with my son - who is a big fan of classic rock - seats a little further back so the topography of Mick Jagger's face might not be quite so disturbing.

As a trivia footnote: The movie ends with a tribute to Ahmet Ertegun who died as a result of a head injury he sustained from falling backstage at the opening night the two day concert series and their subsequent filming.


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