Monday, June 30, 2008

Misery loves company

Back in May I was worried about my health. A mysterious lump that has proved , after much testing and anxiety, to be nothing. Present, but benign. It was a black couple of months. In may I thought it would be fun to collect gloomy songs. Since my first wife's death I have toyed with the idea of a compilation of funereal music. So I anthologised a few on my Good Grief blog.

I'd all but forgotten it but there was a spike in the traffic for some reason.

Let me know your favourite sad song and I'll see if I can find the video (all of the posts have the videos of the songs).

Have to say: embracing the darkness is part of appreciating the light. I hope you won't think me morbid. So many of the songs remind me of how much I love life.

Here's one for my father, who passed last year. He always said I was a dreamer. I took it as pejorative until I knew better.

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