The One & Onliness

My friend Monique Rhodes sent this to me today. I don't think she will mind me sharing it with you.


Being open means being free to do whatever is called for in a given situation.

Because you do not want anything from the situation, you are free to act in the way genuinely appropriate to it. And similarly, if other people want something from you, that may be their problem. You do not have to try to ingratiate yourself with anyone.

Openness means "being what you are." If you are comfortable being yourself, then an environment of openness and communication arises automatically and naturally.

It is like the idea of the moon shining on one hundred bowls of water, so that there are one hundred moons, one in each bowl. This is not the moon's design nor was it designed by anyone else. But for some strange reason there happen to be one hundred moons reflected in one hundred bowls of water.

Openness means this kind of absolute trust and self-confidence. If the bowls are there, they will reflect your "moon-ness." If they are not there, they will not. Or if they are only half there, then they will reflect only half a moon. It is up to them. You are just there, the moon, open, and the bowls may reflect you or not. You neither care nor do you not care. You are just there.

From "The Open Way," in Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism

A reminder of where this blog came from - Be the One & Only.

Be yourself.


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