Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shedding light and misconceptions

Oh dear.

Long life bulbs are a time bomb. They save a little. They are unsatisfactry (ugly flouro light) and the can't be safely disposed of - the mercury used in their manufacture will find its way into the food chain and cut a swathe like you wouldn't believe. Which will only get worse.

The safe, energy efficient solution to lighting isn't flouro. I it is LED* (which has the secondary benefit of converting the energy it uses only to light - not heat).

Long life flouro bulbs are the Betamax of the moment; a dim solution.

* Earlier version of post used term LCD, which was about as accurate as LSD - which I may or may not have been using at the time ;-)
Thanks to comentors for correction.


  1. David - I agree but I think you mean LED not LCD....

  2. You mean LED of course, not LCD.

    I agree, I also wonder if this blanket ban will have to evolve to exclude anything but standard bayonet bulbs. Even then I have enclosed fittings that won't accept compact fluoros (they'd bake them) -- will I have to apply for a permit to purchase them?

    What about oh-so-trendy-in-the-past halogens? Where does this stop?


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