Would you like fries with your hypocracy?

I have watched both episodes of the American television show Californication that have screened so far. I quite like it. David Duchovney does a good job of being a dissolute post-modern brat who makes the kind of arbitrary decisions that could only be described as amoral. Not immoral because, in my book, sexual activity isn't a moral issue unless it involves criminally indecent behaviour. Regular sexual connection between adults (over the age of consent) is just sex. Sex is good.

The widely reported withdrawal of advertisers responding to pressure from self-appointed morality custodians such as 'Family First' (a curious blanket term for neo-conservatism) is just plain weird. The funniest aspect of the whole scenario is that Burger King, the amoral purveyors of heart-choking food and drink (which I am quite fond of); who also promote their goods with nubile women in bikinis have joined the stampede. I can understand the government's Ministry of Economic Development (sounds positively Soviet when you say it out loud) getting cold feet - though I would have thought population growth was a part of Economic Development and most members of the population are the product of copulation - an inconvenient truth. Most of us wouldn't be who we are today without it.

Well, I am simply going to have to boycott advertisers who boycott the shows I like. It's only fair. So, look out Finish Dishwashing Liquid, Cadbury, and Flight Centre. And as for prudish, hypocritical Burger King…will you put some clothes on (check out the degenerate BK Mansion website).

Perhaps we should lobby for health warnings on chocolate bars, heavy taxes on polluting air travel and mandatory images of congestive heart disease on the menu board at BK's fine establishments.

Pre-Order season 1 of Californication and watch it without interruption from irritating advertisers


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