Code Red

Had a catch up with an old school chum this afternoon - Phil Twyford, the boy who brought Wombles to the North Shore.

Now a full grown man Phil is the Labour Candidate for the North Shore of Auckland. he seems to have none of the cynical arrogance of the Cullen/Clark generation.

I copied him on a letter to the incumbent National MP (who should earn the title - the invisible man - has anyone ever seen him in the electorate or…heaven forbid…in Parliament? I have never heard his voice. He's been there so long the last time we heard him speak it was probably a choir boy falsetto maiden speech). Twyford replied and invited me for a beer. Mr Mapp ignored me. Hmmm

Anyhoo…Fascinating conversation. Got me thinking.

I like that.

There could be a more thoughtful post in the next day or so…bit I'm not making any promises.

I'm standing by my non partisan position. It's the Emersonian way.

But you gotta respect a 12 year old who can convince an entire school to pick up rubbish (that's what Wombles did).


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