Top 5 Movies

As it is Friday night. For entertainment purposes only:

1. The Duellists - Ridley Scott's first movie - because Harvey Kietel is better talent than a beer ad.
2. Moulin Rouge- For it's mad originality
3. Fight Club - Ditto and for the Pixies' track in the denouement
4. The Usual Supects- Because I didn't pick it
5. Big Fish - Because it was sweet without being saccharine

Others I like:

In Cold Blood
My Life Without me
Three Colours Blue
Henry V(Kenny Branagh Version)
It's a Wonderful Life

My favourite song at the moment is the idiotic fun of the Barenaked Ladies "If I had a million dollars". I may be wizened and cynical at the best of times - but lock me up in my old Volvo and turn the volume up and the truth will out. When I get sick of playing it over and again I move onto Country Joe's 'Kiss My Ass', a light hearted protest song which I think he played at Woodstock. As I'm in the mood for listing things - my third choice is 'Coma Girl' by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros.


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