Mo' Mo

I saw this poster for the New Zealand soda Lemon & Paeroa (world famous in New Zealand).

It is interesting to compare the difference between how breast cancer (which is very well funded)and prostate cancer - which no self respecting man wants to know about - well, not the examination anyway. The approach to talking about uncomfortable topics with blokes requires acceptance that you'll have to be a little bit oblique.

The Movember promotion is brilliant but I wonder if it is so oblique that the fun of it all overwhelmes the message.

By the way I've raised a little money - thank you to my friends who've sponsored my pathetic mo-grow effort.

Oh, and if you don't know what a pash-rash is - pashing is an antiquated form of kiwi vernacular for passionate kissing.

Anyway…sponsor my personal growth…help fund cancer research and if you're a woman I'll throw in a kiss (though might want to wait until after Movember to redeem).


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