The Society for the Opposition to Public Carbunckles

Over on the redesigned Idealog site you can read my reviews of Wikinomics and The Cult of the Amateur.

I won't preempt your reading but I'd be interested in your feedback.

Also on the site is a discussion about a German Building that Vincent Heeringa was impressed by on his recent visit to Europe. I found it looked horrible - bland modernism without the character of Norman Foster's 'Gherkin' in London or the Guggenheim at Bilbao.

Another commenter has remarked that there will never be agreement on what kinds of buildings on the water in the city. Vince stepped back into the conversation with a remark that suggests that Auckland lacks vision. I disagree with that perspective.

The interesting thing about 'vision' is that it must originate from an individual. Then the vision must be disseminated to a broad supporter base (one way or another).
The design selected for Te Papa (the undisputed worst major public building built on an iconic waterfront location ever built in New Zealand…oh, that's right - it's the only one. The second worst - though not on the water - is Auckland's Aotea Center).

Let's at least make sure the petty bureaucrats and politicians in Wellington (including the Prime Minister) can never be allowed to inflict the kind of ugly, dull jetsam that was mooted for the rugby stadium. We should also be vigilant about computer designed modernist rubbish like the BMW Welt

A very public competition should be initiated to develop the waterfront - including the Tank Farm.


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