Will work for beer

When the Internet was in its infancy I caught the bug. I created a site called eMale - a men's interest site designed to be a Trojan Horse for men's health. It generated a lot of traffic but not a bean from advertising. When I joined Lion Nathan as creative director for their online brands I closed it down to focus on the job at hand.

One of the ads I made to promote the site to advertisers read: "Will work for beer", hand written text on a torn piece of corrugated cardboard box. The objective was to promote the site as engaging and fun. I should have picked up the phone though. I had a target audience of exactly 2 people. Lion and Dominion Breweries. Ah the vanity…(the truth is I thought it would make a nice ad).

Today I was driving through Auckland city. Went to the Auckland University Elam School of Fine Art's graduation show - fourth year and master's. I'll make a separate post about that. I have pictures to show you. At the bottom of town, by Victoria Park is an old tavern that is now called 'The Drake'. Before the reclamation of land I think it was much closer to the water. Or the water was much closer to it - depending on your point of view.

On the roof of the pub is a billboard. It reads 'BEER' written in a naive style.


What else do you need to say?

My manifesto for 2008:

- make it simple
Relevance - make it relevant
Utility - make it useful


  1. Anonymous9:54 pm

    most important question is, of course, will you still work for beer?


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