A Hair-raising Experience - Movember

A little busy at the moment. Hence lack of fresh posts. And, to be honest with you, haven't felt especially motivated. Preoccupied with my cunning plan for the year ahead. I have developed a media concept that will be exciting if we can make it fly. All the indications are positive. My year of self imposed academic exile is over and I'm keen to crack on.

I'm growing a moustache as part of the Movemeber campaign to raise awareness and cash for prostate cancer

Movember - Sponsor Me

You can sponsor my efforts (bearing in mind that a)I don't do facial hair and b) I don't do facial hair). Mind you it's for a good cause and no worse than a digital-rectal examination - right?

There are campaigns all around the world - visit the site to register to participate.

So, in the spirit of lazy blogging here are a couple of useful links for you.

The first (via BrandDNA) is a very well thought through discussion of advertising writing techniques by Suzanne Pope, who's a CD at Toronto agency John St.
It includes one of my favourite ads...

Exactly how mad is she?

See - lazy. That was one link.


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