Down with iPod

There's an iPod knocking about here somewhere. But I don't like using it.

There is something weird about having earphones on. I used to love Headphones when I was 15. I could put my cans on, close my eyes and turn the volume up to max. If you've ever heard Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love through headphones you'll know how thrilling music could be when the only other technology available was television. Even that was black and white and in mono sound. Worse I had no control over it. There wasn't even a remote control. In my room with my music, my headphones and lurid thoughts about what it might be like to have groupies I was was in control of a world in which I had no control (we're talking 1978 here people).

But I do like to listen to music while I work. I don't fetishise the iPod-much as I admire it - but I do love iTunes.

In the last hour on Shuffle:

Leonard Cohen - I'm Your man
Kiss - Detroit Rock City
Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Music for a found harmonium
Unkle - Eye for an eye
Death in Vegas - Help yourself
The Clash - Jimmy Jazz
June Carter Cash- Will you meet me in heaven
Over the Rhine - All I need is everything

I know…a mess.

But I like it. Call me the Cultural Magpie if you must.

Kevin Roberts waxed lyrical about Bruce Springsteen on his blog
. Springsteen has a new record apparently. I'm not sure about 'The Boss'. At various times his music has resonated with me. Following the thread of this Friday Night Post the album that meant the most to me was The River. In fact I'd have to say it was the record that segued me from traditionalism to modernism; and my headphones played a big role.

Why? Because my great big cans with leather padded muffs were intimate. If my parents could hear the deppresoid music I was listening to they'd have had cause for concern. I went from 'going down to the river' to the Cure (and it was). I'd turn the base up on 17 seconds and go into a forest...while I read Damien and Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse.

It was my Second Life circa 1978-79.

The difference between now and then is that I consume TV, music, video while using the 'phone and email all at the same time.

With buds in my ears I can't gather data from my immediate environment.

The speakers on my MacBook Pro work fine - in an intimate way (whole lotta love still shifts from left top right).

I may be over stimulated - but I like it.


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