Serious about chocolate?

My friend Toni bought a business on the TradeMe website. Chocolate brownies. Hmmm, curious. It fascinated me that she would shell out a not inconsiderable amount of money for a really, really bad website, a cardboard box with some handwritten lists of customers, a brand name and some pretty horribly designed cards and a magic recipe. (Is this starting to sound like Jack and the Beanstalk?). The business is called Serious Brownee.

Once I had gotten over looking at her incredulously and repeating the words…"You didn't…" in that concerned, chuckling way that friends express incredulity - I resolved to do what I could to make myself useful. Now, I'm not much of a baker, so I applied myself to helping out with the marketing: positioning, packaging, webstuff.

Toni has done an amazing job of bring the concept alive. The recipe has been perfected (and she plans to develop limited edition - Gentai - versions. If you are serious about chocolate - get in quick).

With Christmas coming these will make incredible Christmas gifts...I heartily recommend you try them.

SeriousBrownee site

From little acorns…(or cocoa beans as the case may be…)


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