What's in a name?

I am thnking of changing my name to Oswald Montechristo or Zanzibar Buck Buck McFate.

I've developed a lot of names for one thing and another over the years:

Living Earth - a compost company (designed their logo as well - on a napkin in a restaurant)
eMale - an online magazine for men, popular in its day, but I took a job and let it slide.
WellSpring - an online resource for people interested in wellbeing information
Personal Best - a gift shop (for people who have everything else).
CEX - The Creative Exchange
Family Health Diary
- masthead/IMV for health information and remedies
Eating Well - masthead/IMV for good food advertisers
OutSmart - a consultant collective
The Windmill
- a speakers bureau
Natural Habitat - magazine for customers of a natural gas supplier
The Brainforest Press - self publishing
Writer's Bloc - writing pool

Trying to think of a name for a mate's food vending operation...nothing good is coming to mind. Might have to sleep on it.


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