Little Red Riding Hood

Spent the day with my daughter. Goofing around. We're both jazzed about seeing the movie Horton Hears a Who by Dr Seuss. Well, the story is by the late and very great Theodore Giesel but the film is by the creative geniuses who delivered ice Age to the world.

I had some library books to return and a DVD of a film about Bob Dylan's 1965 trip to England that was overdue and costing me .40 a day in fees. I thought Zoe might enjoy reading the original. Takapuna didn't have a copy but the catalog system said Albany Village did. We went there. (It's not the same without the chickens). The book wasn;t there. But a team of librarians helpfully found an anthology with the story.

Though the decision to slaughter the iconic chicken population was about as heavy handed and stupid as any council has ever made (the village even has chicken lampposts - paid for by the council) the investment in the flying fox is brilliant. We had great fun there…I must have tested the chain to breaking point…

Zoe hoovered up the book and complained the story was too short. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing? At least she's reading.

I like the message of the story - that every voice matters. No matter how small.

So I sit here on my speck…


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