Carly Simon

I was flipping through Vanity Fair, last month's edition at Borders the other day. It features a story about three amazing women of Rock. It reminded me that I think Carly Simon is one of the most astonishingly attractive wome on the the planet. maybe it is becasue I so rarely smile that I like her gigantic smile.

I saw James Taylor play at Mt Smart Stadium in the 80's. It was the most laid back concert I have ever been to. The elderly lady seated next to me offered me a boiled sweet. A member of the audience called out to him to come home for dinner. I think he considered it. Megan, my son's mother introduced me to this stuff, she loved Micheal Franks and I have to say that I can't hear Micheal Franks' album then Art of Tea without floods of memories. Soemtimes that's why I listen to it. The album is mad. Every tune has a food theme. Popsicle toes, Eggplant - please watch this. Its a thing of beauty and calories. Make love to it.

The video above isn't from the Art of Tea album but you get the flavour.

I caught up with the astonishingly talented Monique Rhodes quickly today. She is so much fun. Talking to her (in an outrageous Latvian accent - hers better than mine - the misical ear) I developed a theory that smart people are funny people. Humour is a creative function. Twisting the tale. making surprising connections. We're putting a showcase together for people in advertising. It will probably be back at the Honey. If you will be in Auckland and in the Biz please email me for invitation,≥da?

We'll talk about music some more in the next few days. Maybe dentistry too.


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