Discovery Channeling

I really like this ad for the Discovery channel. Who said that things that are interesting and edifying have to be dull or worthy? Watch the news for long enough and you will begin to think everything is negative. Fear is the key that unlocks the compliance of the population. Short format news bites iterate and reiterate UnSpeak of the day. News reporting is devolving to converge with propaganda and advertising (at its worst - say something often enough and loudly enough and it becomes the 'truth').

Going back to the Discovery Channel, I was reminded once again of Randy Pausch, the author of the Last Lecture - based on his lecture at Carnegie Mellon which has become an internet phenomenon. (I am reviewing the book at the moment). Pausch says that people learn best when they think they are doing something else. In the case of the Discovery channel your own channels are open because you feel entertained.

Thanks to the excellent Bad Banana Blog
for the heads up - I haven't visited for a while and was reminded of just how good it is.

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