People people.

I suppose I expected a flurry of complaint about my remarks on the Olympics and Beijing's treatment of the people of Tibet. But you have all been thunderously silent. So I will take it that you are indifferent to the subject or are simply not keen to express an opinion - which may be wise, once the Chinese get their hands around the neck of the New Zealand parliament, who knows what reprisals will be made on Kiwi dissidents? I jest, of course, or do I?

On the home front I have been concerned that my daughter has been in a little trouble at school. She can be high spirited and that doesn't necessarily go down well in a classroom filled with thirty eight year olds. But while it is distressing to have a one's child singled out for special treatment it is hardly the end of the world. To quote the iconoclastic rogue Francis Fulford “Crisis point? I wouldn’t call this a crisis point. One of my ancestors was hung, drawn and quartered in 1463. That’s what I call a f***ing crisis point.”

Sometimes we just need a little perspective.

I am going through the process of casting for talent for a new television commercial property. The process reminds me of how small the talent pool is in New Zealand - principally because the total pool is so darned small. You could loose the entire population of New Zealand in Manhatten. In fact, if you want to get a little perspective on population and relationships…our new best friends, the Chinese, killed 45.75 to 52.5 (median - based on 14 cited sources) Cultural Revolution. Nearly two million Tibetans were killed or died in concentration camps between 1950 - 1960. Charming folk indeed.


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