The Real Secret

I have begun reading chef Gordon Ramsay's second autobiographical book Playing with Fire. It is obvious from the start the Ramsay believes his success is attributable to his fierce determination. He describes a competitive nature where winning is not enough.

I wonder if this kind of motivation has gone from our culture, leaving us exposed and weak. Even the lowest of the low will be fed and housed, they will be granted 'benefits'. Even very capable people have migrated to mediocrity. Why excel when just coasting and conserving your energy can produce a lifestyle that would have been inconceivable just a generation ago.

We've become cosy and lack a competitive drive. I wonder how many people's plans for the future involve winning Lotto - effectively making it no plan at all?

Maybe it is the message of The Secret that is the problem. Just because you want something is enough for it to be given to you by a benign, abundant Universe. I don't think so. History is littered with people who won because they stormed their neighbour's castle and took what they wanted. How do you think the world was colonised by Europeans? Growing up I was taught that empires were good things - great accomplishments. Today our post-modern, post colonial, politically correct society is ashamed of its heritage. It conveniently forgets that Maori people were warriors who competed with their neighbouring tribes for scarce resources (New Zealand wasn't an easy place to live in when all you had were stone-age tools and technology - Maori populations increased and decreased with the availability of protein - like the Moa - which they extinguished). Maori still fight among themselves - it has taken 20 years from Bay of Plenty Iwi (tribes) to a agree on the split of a half billion dollar settlement over the massive Kaiangaroa forest.

Go get 'em


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