A new toy for Christmas

It's Christmas morning. Gifts have been exchanged. Taylor was chuffed with his fully monte poker chip set and the various golf doodads. I was well pleased with 'The World According to Jeremy Clarkson'…Now he's off with his maternal grandparents and I'm left to catch up on some of my favourite blogs, and have a little read before hitting the road for the Christmas Day Tour 06 - The joy of a 21st Century nuclear meltdown family.

On my brief tour of the blogosphere I found a new toy, let it be my gift to you.

I hope you like it. Unfortunately I got it from a street vendor, so it can't be exchanged.

Merry Christmas, thanks for visiting this year - returning visitors represent nearly 30% of total visitor numbers and the number of readers has increased steadily over the year. S'quite fun really…


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