Know Me Before You hate Me

Mariana, my friend from Argentina is in Auckland. She is a fashion designer and has a business selling through stores here. She lived in New Zealand for many years before returning home. She's also the coolest person on the planet.

She tells me there are two Davids. The one who writes this blog and the real life me.

I think I agree.

But, when I think about it more I have to say that blogging and real life are fundamentally different things.

Let's think about why…do you have a minute?…don't let me hold you up…

Firstly, …I don't know who you are. I don't know what your interests really are. You may have arrived through a random link. You may be here because I showed up on Google when your searched…Kiwi ferrit fanciers (though until I publish this post, that is unlikely), or yurts. I do know than a significant percentage of you are returning visitors. Thank you. You both know who you are.

Second. Because I don't know who you are (and yet you chose to visit) I don't need to worry overly about hurting your feelings. So I say what I want. After all, I'm disembodied.

Third, and finally for now, there are passions I have in the dead of night that just have no place in my everyday life. The web and the notorious Web 2.0 offers me the opportunity to express them in safety (I hope).

In life, like you, I love my kids, I cherish friendship and discussion, I am achingly proud of my brothers & sisters and my parents, without whom (as they say at the Oscars) none of this would be possible. But can I tell them in everyday life…? I'm Scottish, …give me a break.

I know the last two posts will make some people angry. I'd simply ask that you know me before you hate me.


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