Magical Realism

Flipped on Prime TV to watch Weeds. (Wed, 9.30)

Found Dead Like Me instead.
The pilot seems like a funky combination of Six Feet Under and The Gilmore girls.

It's part of the line that I think was pioneered by Ally McBeal, and the subsequent, aforementioned Six Feet Under and even Boston Legal. The genre seems to promote absurd plots in mundane settings.

Like Six Feet Under, Dead Like Me treats death like life. The classic dream-within-a-dream trope.

I like it, like the interaction between the Mandy Patinkin character and the dead teenager - who embodies the surly whateverness of teenagers - trying hard to be unphased by the grim facts of grim reaping and at the same time being horrified by the task. Sort of like the relationship my 14 year old son has with washing pots and pans.

Perhaps I should convince him that it is part of his magical reality?


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