Free Agents

I went along to the end of year bash for the Freelance co-op called The Pond after work yesterday.I was the guest of the talented Mr Langridge.
It is funny how the perceptions about freelancers has shifted from being people who weren't good enough to get a proper job to simply being clever people available as an external resource.

I had an interesting chat with one of the group who said he liked freelancing because he stayed 'hungy'. Not because he's not getting enough work, but excited about doing great work.

I haven't worked in an agency for some time but I had always had the view that you were only really as good as your last ad anyway. When a job was done I was immediately on the mooch for another brief. I was shocked to hear that agency creatives have become complacent. Why? Well, simple really, the employment contract laws make it hard to get rid of duds. There seem to be complaints to the employment court preformatted like wills in the bottom drawers of many in the business.

Oh how things have changed. I will never forget the trauma to my young psyche when I was fired on a Friday afternoon by a very well known and respected creative director after he had wobbled back to the agency after a very long moist lunch. He disagreed on some point of etiqutte in the rules of pool and sacked me. "Jzooor fired...."

I fretted over the weekend but decided to show up for work on Monday morning and the matter was never mentioned again.

If you are looking for advertising talent to wrangle in for a project I suggest you give Sue Worthington a call or self select from the site.


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