Don't Panic

I just watched the movie Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy with my 14 year old son. Loved the radio play by Douglas Adams when I was a kid - and the BBC show that followed.

The film is average. The script wanders away from the original story in many ways. What I liked about it was that Taylor, my son connected with the idea. I found my original paper back (1982 edition) and felt a strong emotional tug. I wrote my name on the inside front cover with the message "This book belongs to David MacGregor…if you steal it I will track you down…be warned, there can be no escape." I'm going to read it again this weekend. There are phrases I still remember word perfect after 25 years.

Douglas Adams, its creator, is a clearly The One & Only.

Footnote: The West Wing just came on TV. Do you think that there are clusters of people in the word who really do speak in complete micro Gettysberg Addresses and don't interrupt each other?


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