A couple of tips from Guy Kawasaki

On one of my other blogs - about blogging (The New Yak Times) which, unfortunately I haven't had the time to keep as fresh as I would hope.

I got a little kick to have recieved a comment from the legendary Guy Kawasaki when I remarked on a movie shown on his blog. Technology evangelist that he is he suggested a better version of the presentation using a new thing called Veotag.
This technology adds chapter divisions like a DVD to a video. Checkout the Art of the Start and Kawasaki's interview with Steve Wozniak (the creator of the Apple).

It's time to stop thinking about 'web sites', time to start thinking web CHANNEL.

By the way, if you use the Firefox browser check out the cool plug ins - I'm loving Cool Iris. If you don't use Firefox - you should. Download it for free here..

Another plug in - Performancing (which I am using now) allows me to blog directly from the browser without leaving the page I am on - genius.


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