Dig a big hole

As you know, if you are one of the nine return visitors to this blog, I opposed the hasty construction of the waterfront stadium.
Now the neighbours of Eden Park are up in arms over the prospect of a towering monstrosity in their backyard, blocking out the sun. The promise of being visible from space holds no allure. I feel sorry for them.

It points to the simple fact that stadiums (rather cutely called stadia in the paid-up media), are simply god-awful things that require long range planning, not quick fix solutions.

My suggestion, to make stadiums more appropriate to a human scale would be to excavate a big hole in the ground, like a greek or roman Amphitheatre and have a more modest superstructure. 'Course digging a big hole ain't going to happen in Mt Eden - you can imagine the cost of blasting the volcanic rock…be like digging a big hole and throwing money in it. Mind you, any stadium is going to be a collossal money pit.

Worth a thought though. More importantly must keep a weather eye on the plans for the waterfront.

Has anybody called Frank Gehry yet?


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