Tony Hart draws short straw

Vision On was a show on television when I was growing up. Aside from the Goons-meets-Goodies skits I always admired the talent of Tony Hart. His drawings and easy creativity must have pushed a button for me - drawing was 'my thing'. I liked the spare style and still do.

I thought of the show several months ago when I was holed up with a friend's son on a rainy day on a farm. I suggested he make some drawings. He was reluctant, 'I can't draw' he said. Of course you can I though to myself. I told him to make a random scribble on the page. When he had I saw a whale, filled in a little here, joined this us and voila - whale. He was impressed. I made a scribble and threw down the gauntlet to him. He picked up the pen and realised there was a kangaroo lurking in the lines. He was pretty pleased with the result. "See, you can draw. Drawing is just scribbling with style."

I'd like to see Vision on, or something like it on TV now to help kids learn visual thinking.

Seems like the influentials in my life are dropping like flies.

Tony Hart obituary on the Guardian site


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