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I'm inclined to try new things. Oysters, for one. But that was a long time ago and the novelty, I have to confess, has slipped away.

When I heard about Twitter I was skeptical. 140 characters, followers...I couldn't see the point of it. Why would anyone want to know what I was doing? So I tried it, found it wanting and stopped.

Then I gave it another go and realised that, like any other medium, it is the quality of content that makes all the difference. Who I follow creates the channel's quality. My tweets (ain't that tweet?).

Having persevered I am happy to say that my Twitter feeds are producing some high quality T-wits:


Sarah Wedde - Toilet paper stylist to the stars.
This woman is funny. She has post modern droll down pat, for example:

"Reading a book on the Antikythera mechanism. Probably my second favourite mechanism of all time."

"Packed long-sleeved rash vest and board shorts. Will have to make do until the SwimBurka reaches this godforsaken country."

"Dear Twitter, My boyfriend's favourite movie is "Love Actually". Which bridge will it be safest to dump his body off?"

Tim Siedel - The Washington Post says I'm funny. And they know funny (see Watergate).

"The world's oldest woman died today. No cause of death was listed, so I assume she lost a knife fight with the world's second oldest woman."

"To those of us who wear glitter hats and blow paper horns all year long, New Year's Eve is amateur night."

"He's making a list, and checking it twice. And washing his hands three times. And checking his list again. And tapping the door knob twice."

Of course it's not all wisecracking. Many celebrities and stars have figured that that they can stay in contact with their fans in real time using Twitter.

I follow Stephen Fry (Dancer, couturier, superheavyweight boxer, neo-plasticist and rapper -currently filming a nature documentary in New Zealand) and Shaquile O'Neil who has an amusing, philosphical take on the world ("VERY QUOTATIOUS").

Then there are the folks who curate the web via Twitter, like the ubiquitous connector Guy Kawasaki who is always good for a lead.

Twitter can be time consuming, but amusing and useful too as part of your social media suite.

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