Friday, January 23, 2009

Behind the scenes

I am not a great fan of showing clients lots of ideas. It conveys a sense that I am unfocused or can't make a recommendation.

That doesn't mean I don't go through an evolutionary process to arrive at the recommendation. Simply that showing the client the workings is wasteful and indecisive. If you hand a choice over to the client, you are simply the raw material to be mined, rather than the high value end product.

That said, I was fascinated by the design process for something called UKE (not even sure what it is). For non-design/non-marcomms people it might be interesting to see some of the process.

Logo design from start to finish - CreativePool

If you are ever in the position of commissioning creative work and are presented with choices, tell the vendor to man-up and come back with a recommendation (unless you are controlling fascist who thinks they could do everything better themselves and hires weaklings).

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